Desperate lives take desperate measures when it comes to making choices. These choices often have an impact on others, on those who are closest, on those who are vulnerable. The 16 year old abandoned her newborn at the hospital. The nameless baby was then assigned to the local child protective services, where they would care for him, to the best of their ability, for the following 10 months.

An institution is not the right place for a newborn. His physical, emotional, and cognitive development are strained by the lack of human connection to a family. Ricardo was losing his emotional connection to reality; forgetting how to cry, because crying got him nowhere, not knowing how to express pain, or joy, he seemed to have become emotionless.

A cloud of darkness had surrounded the sickened 10 month old, until the bright light of selfless love came piercing through the darkness around him. Edith and Arturo became Ricardo’s foster parents. Loving with a fearless love, they connected with him. Ricardo began reacting to love and attention. The emotional disconnect begun its healing process, and Ricardo started to develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively like a normal child!

Ricardo was loved by his Familia LightShine Foster family for the following 18 months! He regained the ground that had been lost in his early development; we witnessed the transformation from an emotionally disconnected baby, to an active, loving, and funny child!
After such an amazing healing process, it was time for Ricardo to find a permanent home.

Ricardo met his new – permanent – family, and he bonded with them instantly! After a few visit sessions, Ricardo was placed in his Adoptive Family’s care, where an exciting life awaits for him!
This story would be very different if Edith and Arturo hadn’t invested their love, time and resources in Ricardo, if the love of Jesus hadn’t been shown to the least of these!

We are overjoyed at Familia LightShine as we, once again, see the fruit and benefits of Christian Based Foster Care! We love to witness how lives are transformed, how families open their hearts and homes to love like Jesus would, we love to see the fatherless find a home.

-Pablo Martinez.
Director of Communications.

Note. The names of the family and child have been changed to protect their privacy.