Her story begins before her birth. Her pregnant mother worked as a cleaning lady for different people. Not really wanting her baby, she made a deal with one of the families that employed her, to give her away at birth.

A couple of months later, Daniela was born. Keeping her side of the deal, her mother gave Daniela away to her employers, who registered her as their own daughter. Filled with regret, her mom came to the authorities to try and get her daughter back. The dispute began, and Daniela was placed in an infant care institution at 1 month of age.

Two and a half years later, Daniela’s case was not solved, so she remained institutionalized. One of Familia LightShine’s Certified Foster Families, visited the infant-care institution and was burdened when they met Daniela. Familia LightShine began inquiring about the possibility of Foster Care for Daniela.

Daniela’s medical condition was not the best. She had been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and a heart murmur. So taking care of her would be a challenge. Ramon and Irma, our Familia LightShine Family, were up for the task and began fostering Daniela in December, 2018. Just in time for Christmas!

Daniela’s case file had been buried at the bottom of the pile. And because she was placed with a foster family, her case file was finally looked at, leading to the realization that Daniela’s grandfather had been looking to take care of Daniela. Her case was then re-opened.

On May 24th, after being cared for, and loved by her Foster Family, Daniela was reinserted to her family, as her grandfather was now legally able to take her home, and be with her biological family.